If you would like to sing in a choir come and join Bingham and District Choral Society. We sing three concerts in each season, which starts in September. We don’t hold auditions – if you can read music it will make it easier for you, but we welcome anyone who is keen to sing!

 Our rehearsals will take place between 7.15pm and 9.20pm on WEDNESDAYS during school term time, at CARNARVON PRIMARY SCHOOL, Nursery Road, Bingham, NG13 8EH.  This will include a 10 minute break. Please bring your own drink if you need one. 

Our concerts are usually in November, December (our Christmas special),  May and July, although this schedule remains flexible. The best time to join is when we start to rehearse new works, usually in September and January. New members are invited to try us out for three weeks free of charge. If you are unsure, or haven’t sung in a choir before, we have a mentor for each singing part, who can help to get you orientated.

Our annual subscription is £110 (which can be paid in two instalments of £55). We are particularly keen to encourage younger members to join, so there is a special subscription rate of only £1 for those in full time education. Music can be hired for a nominal fee.

In addition to our musical activities, we enjoy a range of social activities which help us to raise funds so that we can continue to afford professional soloists and orchestral support for our concerts.

Contact us by e-mail for further information: or ring Valerie Morgan (Choir Secretary) on 0115 933 2353.

Click here for an application form  2021/22


NB RETURNING MEMBERS A completed form is only required if contact or Gift Aid details have   changed. Otherwise please send payment only.

 NEW MEMBERS We are happy to allow 3 weeks to settle in before payment is due. Please send completed form only.


Rehearsals take place on Wednesdays at 7:15pm, Carnarvon Primary School, Nursery Road, Bingham, NG13 8EH. If you have always wanted to join a choir then why not come along and see how rehearsals work. If you don’t know what voice part you sing we can quickly establish that so we can make sure you are sitting with others in the same voice range. We are always short of male tenors!

Notes from John Bannister (BDCS member):

John Bannister
BDCS Member John Bannister

Singing with Bingham was my first experience of classical choral music.  I didn’t know what voice I had, and it was suggested by other members, correctly that I should be a bass.

Initially, I found the Latin words difficult to pronounce and incomprehensible, but I enjoyed the sounds and making the sounds, singing.  I began to learn what music is about, and how much fun, and how rewarding it is to perform pieces that are not always easy, but sound wonderful.

For those thinking about joining, we like to give new members a warm welcome.  If anyone finds them selves struggling, or confused by anything, please speak to me, a member of the committee, or whoever you are singing next to.  If one of us does not know the answer, we will find someone who does.

If you feel at all uncertain about singing, please give Bingham a try. We do not audition, we want our music to be available to everyone. Members usually know when they are out of key, and can correct that bit of music without feeling awkward.  We would love to see you, any Wednesday evening during school term time from September to May.



The first concert of our Golden Jubilee Celebrations will take place on

Saturday April 30th 2022 at 7.30pm in Newark Parish Church 

Handel’s Messiah, jointly with Newark Choral Society.


Further Golden Jubilee concerts will be on

Saturday 18th June 2022, Newark Parish Church

Lunchtime concert, jointly with Scunthorpe Choral Society

Saturday 26th November 2022, Southwell Minster

Last night of the Proms, jointly with Mansfield Choral Society.


We had hoped to run a Singing Day in March 2022 with former King’s Singer Jeremy Jackman but, as we recover from Covid, we have decided to concentrate our resources on our main concert programme.

Previous events have included:

A Singing Day with Ellie Martin, Saturday 16th February 2019

We have got to know Ellie Martin and her dynamic, engaging style of conducting through recent joint performances with Mansfield Choral Society where Ellie is Musical Director. We were therefore delighted when Ellie agreed to run our annual BDCS Singing Day this year. It took place in the beautifully renovated State Chamber at Southwell Minster during a spell of extraordinary sunny and warm weather. This put everyone in an upbeat mood, which was enhanced during the day by Ellie’s choice of music: Zimbe by Alexander L’Estrange and English Folksongs. While we were reasonably well-acquainted with the latter,  Zimbe took us out of our choral society comfort zone with its African texts,  infectious rhythms and complex harmonies. Everyone seemed to find the challenge exhilarating. ‘Very enjoyable – and exhausting!’, said one participant. We are very grateful to Ellie for creating a great learning experience and making it such fun, to Angela Foan, our excellent accompanist, and to Alex Patterson who gave us valuable solo support.

Comments from ‘A Singing Day with Marcus Farnsworth’ Saturday 10th March 2018

Marcus Farnsworth provided great insight into singing technique, in particular the importance of breathing correctly, posture, relaxation, and pronunciation. It was a challenging day with two works in German and one in Latin so we had the duel challenge of sight reading sacred pieces that most were unfamiliar with whilst harnessing our choral technique.

The day was structured around J.S. Bach’s ‘O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht’ (Lord Jesus Christ my life and life); Brahms ‘Geistliches Lied’, and Edvard Grieg’s ‘Ave Maris stella’ (Hail, bright star of heaven). The day concluded with a short performance of the three works to a small but appreciative audience of friends and family who had come to support the participants.

Our thanks go to accompanist Ed Turner for his accomplished playing, Guy Turner for being Master of Ceremonies, and of course Marcus Farnsworth for a superb signing experience.

Photographs and comments from the John Rutter Singing Day, Saturday 4th March 2017

(Photographs courtesy of Ira Unell).

“It was a real privilege to have the chance to sing with John Rutter; he is a superb facilitator and raconteur as well as an outstanding musician, and he is so right that people rarely get the chance just to sing good music, not prepare for a performance!  His suggestions for improvement were so well paced and mostly limited to the morning when we could all expect to be fresher.  And the Hallelujah chorus after lunch is the best solution I’ve come across to what I have usually heard described as ‘the graveyard slot’!”