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Dear Singers

Thank you for a really excellent concert last night.

Helped by a great orchestra, and soloists, whom I do not think could have been bettered, the choir put on a fantastic performance.

I genuinely think it is the best concert I have ever conducted with a choral society.

Several people were very complimentary about the choir’s singing, and all the detail we worked so hard on in the rehearsals was fully evident in the concert.

The Hallelujah Chorus deserved the whoop from the audience!

Please all give yourselves a pat on the back.

Now more jubilee concerts to look forward to!

See you on Wednesday



Next Wednesday 6th May, we will look at:


Elgar Hearken Thou (starting with 45 minutes sectional)

Zadok the Priest (in case you needed some Handel!)

Thou Wilt Keep Him


Please have your copy of Folksong Sequence with you at each of the summer rehearsals as we may dip into that too.

Here are some links to each of the pieces in the summer/Coronation Music concert:


Zadok the Priest

I was Glad         

Thou Wilt Keep Him

Stanford Te Deum

(with orchestra – but you can follow the score and there was not a good organ only one)

Old 100th           

Elgar Hearken Thou


Once again, here is a note of the stands and sits:

Except for the following, stand after the preceding aria has completely finished, and sit when the orchestra has finished the chorus.

Exceptions are:

Stand with entry of soloists and me at start, then sit for overture

No 9 O Thou that tellest – Stand at bar 100 on p 45 (and sit and edn as usual)

No 16 p 67, stand before this one starts ready to go straight into No 17(and sit and end as usual)

Sit at end of No 21 p 90 – Interval

Stand with entry of soloists and me at start of 2nd half p 91 and stay up for chorus

Stand before No 24 p 98, and remain stood until the end of p 121 (includes staying up for short recit No 27 on p 114)

p 133, end of no 33 stay stood through very short recit ready for No 35

At end, sit to applaud soloists and orchestra, and I will stand you to receive applause  yourselves. Remember no to applaud others when you are standing up.

The cuts are listed below if you have not already marked these.







St Mary’s Newark

1.10 – gather to sort seating

1.30 rehearsal begins

3.20 rehearsal ends for choir

(3.35 – 5.00 – rehearsal continues with soloists and orchestra if you want to stay and listen)


7.30 concert ending about 9.30


Bingham Choral Messiah April 30th 2022/Cuts and versions

Watkins Shaw Edition – as in main part of vocal score unless specified otherwise

No 6      But who may abide        Alto version p 21 – 27 (so omit pp 28 – 34 other version)

No 13    Pifa                                        Sort version to bar 10 only

No 18    Rejoice Greatly                4/4 version (as in main score not Appendix)

No 19    Then shall the eyes         Alto Version

No 20    He shall feed                      Version 2 Alto then Soprano (so pp 81, 83-85)

INTERVAL after No 21 His yoke is easy

No 23    He was despised             Stop at bar 49 – no middle section or da capo

No 36    Thou art gone up            Bass version (Appendix p 238)

Nos 37-41 inclusive                   Cut pp 138 – 166 (incl the other version of No 36)

No 48    The trumpet                      Stop at bar 156 – no middle section or da capo

Nos 49 – 51 inclusive                                Cut pp 195 – 210 (incl bit of Trumpet/other version of No 52)

No 52    If God be for us                Alto version


Saturday joint rehearsals  with Newark

Sat Apr 2nd 2022

9.45 – 12.45

Venue: Bingham Church


Back to full-length rehearsals

Following a cautious but successful re-start of choir rehearsals at the beginning of September, members have now voted to return to full-length rehearsals, slightly adjusted because we will not have a full coffee break. We will begin at 7.15 pm, the break will be reduced to 10 minutes (no mingling please) and we will finish at 9.20pm. If you need a drink during the break, you must bring your own.

If you have not yet paid your subscription, we are asking that payment  (for returning members with no changes to their details), take place electronically, or by post if that is not possible, ideally by Friday 27th August. Electronic payments should be made to:  Bingham and District Choral Society, sort code 30-90-89, Account no: 35138968. Please be sure your name is in the description field. £110 full year, £55 half year. If paying by cheque, then please make cheques payable to Bingham & District Choral Society, and post your cheque to: The Treasurer, Hill House Cottage, Burgage Lane, Southwell, Nottingham. NG25 0ER.

If you need to hire music from the choir then please add the appropriate hire charges (shown below) to your membership fee payment, and confirm which pieces you require by email to

Returning members with changes to their details (such as a change to contact details or gift aid circumstances), will need to complete a new membership form available on-line from our website (select ‘members’ – ‘membership application form’), or by printing off an application form and sending the completed form to: J. Chapman, Membership Sec. BDCS,

27 Cropwell Road, Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham NG12 2FQ. Payment should be made on-line, or by cheque, as described above.

Your Committee and the Safety Committee will continue to monitor the situation and will not hesitate to postpone the restart should that seem necessary.


Safety Committee Requirements.

Paul Skelton has produced this very helpful video which summarises the Covid protection measures we have in place.

We are asking all our members to take a  lateral flow test before each rehearsal and concert (available without charge from

Please do not attend rehearsals if you have any of the Covid symptoms, or you are isolating because of a recent Covid contact.

If possible, avoid car sharing.  If you have to share, open windows, wear masks and sit as far apart as possible.

Please bring and use you own hand sanitiser on entry to rehearsals.

Please wear a mask when not singing (spare masks will be provided.)

Rehearsal will last only 75 minutes (7.15 – 8.30 pm) and there will be no communal tea or coffee provision.

Please maintain a minimum social distance of 1 metre when not seated. [Seating will be arranged to ensure at least one metre between singers.]

You will be provided with wipes to clean your chair before and after use.

Toilets will be available if urgently needed and cleaning spray provided.  Use hand sanitiser rather than air drier or paper towels.


 2021-2022  Season

Saturday 27th November 2021 at St Mary’s Church, Orston

Autumn Concert 

The choir will be accompanied by a small instrumental ensemble

The programme will include:

Handel: The King Shall Rejoice

Mendelssohn: Hear My Prayer

Organ Solo

Harp Solo

George  Parris: A Psalmic Fantasia  (winning composition from our Young Composer competition.)

Rutter: Requiem

Saturday 11th December 2021,  Bingham Parish Church
Christmas Concert

Saturday April 30th 2022 , Newark Parish Church 

First concert of our Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Handel’s Messiah, jointly with Newark Choral Society.

Saturday 18th June 2022, Newark Parish Church

Lunchtime concert, jointly with Scunthorpe Choral Society

Saturday 26th November 2022, Southwell Minster

Last night of the Proms, jointly with Mansfield Choral Society.


100 CLUB

The 100 club is a lottery that is open to BDCS members and their friends/family. Each member who wishes to take part pays £10 at the beginning of the year. Half the funds raised go to the choir and the other half is distributed to lucky members through six prize draws throughout the season. Do take part if you can. It’s fun and makes a real difference to the choir’s resources.

Click here for 100 club Application Form (2021-22)



General rehearsal aids

    A website where you can hear synthesised voices singing individual voice parts (it is very easy to download the necessary bit of free software). You can choose which voice part you would like to be highlighted.
    As a BDCS member you can get a 10% discount from Choraline by using the password BING.
    New telephone number: 01285 644845
    This is John Hooper’s website, where individual parts can be listened to free of charge.
  4.      Members direct access to Bingham Choral Home Page
    The site holds rehearsal files allowing users to listen to their individual part, with the accompaniment in the background,  either on its own or along with the other parts. The music can be listened to on line or downloaded as an mp3 file which allows user to vary playback speed and slow down fast, intricate parts.Most of the music we will be performing in the next 12 months can be found on the site.For access to the site the Society pays an annual subscription based on the number of registered users (40).Spare places are available. If you are not registered to use the site but would now like to be please contact Bob Middleton either at a rehearsal or by email at I will then register your email address and you will receive an email from the site allowing you to set up direct access using your email address and password of your own choosing.If you are registered but are having trouble logging on or other problems using the site, please let me know. Bob Middleton.



From 1st September 2021, there will be no coffee/tea break during rehearsals.  If we are able to expand our rehearsals to their former length as the weeks go by, it is likely that members will be asked to bring their own refreshments.



Arrangements are currently being reconsidered for the reopening and will be confirmed asap.

BDCS Committee 2020

Chair: Christina Warrington

Vice-Chair and Box Office: Tim Connery
Treasurer: Brad Poulson
Secretary: Valerie Morgan
Programme Chair: Peter Iley
Librarian: Position vacant
Publicity Officer: Judith Unell
Membership Secretary: Janet Chapman

Ordinary Members: Beryl Cottrill, Sandra Eagland and Sally Ashton.

Safety Committee 

Sally Ashton (Chair)

Tim Connery

Judith Unell

Christina Warrington



Committee role descriptions click here:



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